Perfect Entertainment for your staff parties, client receptions and VIP cocktails.

Ask About our Special Combination Roving Reception & Platform Banquet Corporate  Packages.

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ROVING MAGIC - Award winning walk-around magic while your guests are mingling during reception, while they are waiting for dinner table to table, and prior to the evening’s formal events. Rod’s performing style is sophisticated, professional and appropriately suitable for all events from casual to upscale black tie affairs. Rod’s unique brand of mind-boggling and stunning close-up prestidigitation is designed to dazzle small groups at a time as the opportunity permits. This means no set up, special staging or technical required, and most importantly, absolutely no impact on your scheduled program. Yet, undoubtedly, Rod would add that very special magical touch to your Reception, Gala or Special Event.

BANQUET SHOW – A Platform or Front of Room show featuring Rod Chow’s Award Winning Money Magic. You’ll see money appear from nowhere, money magically increase in denomination, multiply in quantity, physically transmute in form and size, amongst other unique $ feats. The audience and the guests of honour will get to participate in a variety of amusing, astounding and amazing series of magic effects and routines, uniquely designed to totally entertain, and help make your evening a memorable and remarkable success.

CONFERENCE & TRADE SHOW - A conference Entertainment Headliner, and/or a standout attraction to your trade show exhibit.  Rod would work your exhibit to draw and gather crowds, and to magically introduce any positive message, features and/or benefits that you wish to get across. He would team with you to promote your products, magically reward people with any promo items you may have, and work to refer people to your representatives. Your exhibit would certainly stand out as the most entertaining and amazing on the floor!  Plus, make sure to have Rod impress your VIP Clients at your Hospitality Suite!

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