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Unique, Mind-blowing, Sophisticated World Class Magic Entertainment. Rod Chow Master Money Manipulator will help you make a stunning impression on your guests by presenting them with an Unexpected Entertainment Experience. Our aim is to use Rod’s Champion Level Magical Skills to raise your Total Guest Entertainment Appreciation level beyond 100% to 125%+!

The type of unique entertainment we offer may be incorporated into your program at anytime, even at the last moment with no prior setup, staging or any impact on your scheduled program. Rod will add that extra WOW factor to your Reception, Gala, Trade Show, Banquet, Party or Special Event. Waiting or line-up times will turn into Fun and Amazing times for your guests! We will have your venue buzzing with excitement, and be able to integrate our dazzling entertainment seamlessly into your event.

Rod is an Expert in High Impact Close-up Sleight of Hand illusions performed walking around, when often the unexplainable magic happens right in the person's own hands. Your guests will LOVE you for the extra thought you put in to make their experience at your event ultra SPECIAL for them.

Rod Chow is an International Champion Magician, having won 1st place in the prestigious Society of American Magicians International Close-Up Magic Competition held in Louisville, Kentucky. He has performed across Canada, USA and Asia, and is a winner of over 50 Magic Awards. He received his PhD degree in Magic from 4F in New York.

Rod is honored to be the first ever President from outside of the USA of The Society of American Magicians in its 120 year history of being the Oldest & Most Prestigious Magic Organization in the World. Harry Houdini was the longest serving President of this worldwide organization from 1917-1926.

Our goal is to retain your repeat business and referrals by supplying you with the Ultimate in professional championship level magic. We want your special guests to let you know that you have looked after them by providing them with entertainment beyond what they have expected. Our desire is to make it Easy for your event organizer, by being fully self-contained with plug and play simplicity, allowing us to Headline as your Feature Entertainment, or be added to your event at anytime, even when everything else has already been planned.

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